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Janet , Thu, May 23, 2013, 7:44pm

I saw the name Deborah Group and was trying to see if it was the same group that Charlene is a member. She came to Jamaica at our church but I have lost contact with her. you are doing a great work in your community may God bless you  

Pastor Nancy, Mon, Dec 3, 2012, 4:56am

Praise the Lord servant of God, I am pastor Nancy from Webuye Kenya i thank the Lord for your website i married to Pastor Dan my church is call Light Walk Christian Center  i need to invite you here in Kenya to spready the word of God one day if the Lord allow you 

liane smith, Wed, Sep 12, 2012, 3:38pm

In the hour of trial jesus pray for me lest by base denial i depart from thee when thou seest me waver with a look recall nor for fear or favour suffer me to fall

Sherry Carruth, Thu, Jul 28, 2011, 6:28am

7/28/11 Update: My mama has been transferred to a rehab facility and would love to receive mail or visits. However, she will not talk on any phone but her Jitterbug because she doesn’t hear well enough to understand the conversation. That number is 201-4028 but she may not answer it if she does not recognize your number. Her address:

Primacy Rehab

Zell Stephens

6025 Primacy Parkway # 200A

Memphis, TN 38119 

Feliza Andrea Chagolla, Fri, Oct 8, 2010, 1:34pm

Hi Kathy Hurt told me I could listen to the sermons here now that I'm no longer in Memphis. I remember going every Sunday with Kim Stephens and my brother Juan. Being there made me feel closer to God and the congregation taught me many things that at the time i did not understand but now i apply everday in my life. Pastor Dan never discouraged my questions and answered them letting me know i was never alone. I have so many memories of the Youth Group with KK and Kathy Hurt the navtivity set and so much more. Im glad that i can be apart of this congregation still although i am so far.

Donna Climer, Sun, Jun 7, 2009, 10:18am

Just looking at your website to see what time your Sunday am worship service starts. I live in the neighborhood and am a member of a large congregation in midtown.

I know Sherry Semrau through a mutual friend and did visit several years ago at your church.


Lonnie, Wed, Jul 9, 2008, 2:05pm

Just wanted to say well done. I like surfing church websites just to see what's going on. Keep serving the Lord!

Lucas, Mon, Jul 7, 2008, 1:52am

I just wanted to leave a note in reference to Rev. Webster's "Waiting for a Call" message. I just wanted to say that God is good... isn't he? He also calls those according to his purposes... doesn't He? My good friend Miss Mel felt a calling on her heart to start moving in the direction of kids worship. She has been blessed with the gift of music. I however have been blessed with other gifts... (not including music ). Anyway, by her persuing this gift and Jesus' tugging on her heart, she has braught a great team of children singers, and musicians together to produce a cd that is going to be pushed out very soon. By her doing all this, I was finally drug into service kicking and screaming by having a gift for web design... go figure. I just wanted to say that I hope God blesses your church for people like Rev. Webster who speak truth and the Good News! Additionally I want to let you know that you have brothers and sisters throughout the country. This is an invitation to kids both young and old... May God bless you all. Come see how He has begun to bless me, Miss Mel's team, and the kids ministry of the Seattle, WA area!


monique, Mon, Jun 23, 2008, 5:51pm

praise be as i recently been saved, praise the all mighty please find me prayer partners

Rev. Kim Campbell, Mon, Jun 23, 2008, 4:11pm

I went on this afternoon, and Faith Christian Church was the featured congregation!  What a wonderful surprise!  Many congratulations on a fine web site.  I think of Faith C.C. often and hold you all in my thoughts and prayers.

rose, Sat, Jun 14, 2008, 10:36am

I visited online and was very impressed by the work you are doing. I am a missionary, I am a Jamaican, living in Jamaica.

I  would like to visit your church one day.

As a missionary, I like to work with other churches as well. 

Thanking you for making it possible for us to visit online.


Lynda Heatley Warf, Wed, Dec 5, 2007, 6:36am

I live in Lavonia, GA but will always have ties to Memphis - I grew up being a part of McLemore Christian Church and then when I was 13 we moved and found Highland St. Christian Church.

What a delight it is to know God's mighty work continues through my "home" churches working together.

The pictures posted were a pleasure to view. 

Merry Christmas to each and every one.   Love Lynda and William Warf

Pastor. Moses Paul, Tue, Oct 9, 2007, 7:57am

nice job for His glory keep it up. May God extend and flourish you to all the four corners. - Amen

Pastor. Moses Paul

Doug S, Sat, Dec 30, 2006, 9:28pm

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