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Photo Gallery: Lent 2008 Photo Gallery: Lent 2008

Lent 2008
"Lunch Bunch" at Carabbas
Viewed 1800 times
Dan discussing the scripture
Viewed 1756 times
Dan reads the scripture
Viewed 1819 times
Bill watches Kathy K. take notes
Gotta be sure she gets them right...
Viewed 1785 times
Tommy and Lana
Viewed 1805 times
Sandy H, Bill K
Viewed 1830 times
Ken, Bernie,Margaret, Mary Louise and Keith
Viewed 1875 times
Nancy, Bonnie and Nel
Viewed 1813 times
Sandy and Mary Louise
Viewed 1907 times
Everyone shares a laugh
Viewed 1876 times
Entire class
Viewed 1886 times
Kathy H.
Reporting on group discussion
Viewed 1850 times
Bill K.
Viewed 1902 times
Steve, Molly and Sherry
Warming up for Palm Sunday service
Viewed 1898 times
A foretaste of fresh bread!
Bread machine to fill the sanctuary with the smell of fresh bread just in time for communion!
Viewed 1519 times
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