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Photo Gallery: Clements Scout Ranch Trip Photo Gallery: Clements Scout Ranch Trip

Troop 240's Summer Camp Trip to Clements Scout Ranch in Athens, Texas where FCC's own Matt Cain is serving as Program Director.
Clements Scout Ranch Trip
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Carl R
Climbing the Iceberg
Viewed 2329 times
Climbing the Iceberg
Viewed 2423 times
Tanner G

Climbing the Iceberg

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Jon H
Climbing Tower
Viewed 2582 times
Carl R

Trail Ride

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Cliff C

Rodeo Time

Viewed 2449 times
On the Climbing Tower
Viewed 2396 times
Matt Cain
Program Director at Clements Scout Ranch
Viewed 2496 times
Leaving Nashville, AR
Viewed 2529 times
Cooking Dinner
At the fire station in Nashville, AR
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Matt, Cliff & Ben
Viewed 2499 times
Little Rock
Viewed 2494 times
Carl R.
Viewed 2436 times
Lunchtime on day 1
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